Scotts Classic 20″ Push Reel Mower: A Personal Review

My Scotts Classic 20″ Push Reel Mower has made mowing my lawn a true joy. As crazy as this may sound to some. I don’t miss the roaring noise of the lawnmower engine and the smothering odor of the exhaust blowing in my
face. With the Scotts Classic Push Reel Mower all I hear are the birds’ chirping and the quiet swish of the reel mower’s blades as they efficiently trim the lawn. With gas prices fluctuating to ever more insanely high amounts, it gives me peace of mind to know that the only fuel I need to cut my grass is a good healthy breakfast.

Scotts Classic 20″ Review

I grew up in the country and my father always used an old gasoline push mower that he seemed to always be tuning and tweaking on. It was loud and the exhaust was foul smelling. It really did make me appreciate the peaceful moments in between the mowing. We had a rather large yard and it would take my father a couple of days to mow it all. When I was older I picked up the mowing torch and for years I was a gasoline mower drone myself until I moved out and rented a place that hired people to mow the grounds.

For years I thought I was free from ever having to do that chore again. Boy was I wrong about that. You see, I grew up in the country and after years of traveling around, moving from place to place with my wife, I decided it was time to move back to the peace and quiet of the country life. I honestly think that it was the three years we spent in Japan which was wall to wall concrete with tiny bits of grass poking through the asphalt here and there that helped to convince us. Well, that and our noisy city neighbors that never seemed to sleep.

Last year my wife and I found a quiet little place in the country. It was then that I realized that the mowing hiatus was over. The yard that we have isn’t particularly large but it isn’t tiny either. I knew that I was
going to have to buy a lawn mower but this is something that I had never put any thought into before because I had never needed one. I decided to look online and review prices and options.

This is when I discovered something interesting. They were called reel mowers. At first I had no idea what that meant. Then as I read about them I realized that I had seen them on “Leave It to Beaver” and “The Andy Griffith Show.” I initially laughed at the idea. Then I remembered the soaring price of gasoline. So I studied into it a bit further. I also read about electric mowers but they didn’t sound very practical and they still used electricity which isn’t exactly free. The reel mower sounded promising and more and more people were using them and bragging about how great they were.

After a about a week or so of research I bought what I figured to be the best model for what I needed. I bought the Scotts Classic Push Reel Mower. I also bought a battery powered grass trimmer for trimming around the trees and house, but that is an entirely different review.

No engine or electrical stuff

The reel mowers have many advantages. First, there’s no engine or electrical stuff. The only costs of using it is a little sweat on your part. This not only saves the money you’d have to pay in gas or electricity- there’s also very little on the things that will break. If things do break, they’re fairly straightforward machines, and I’d imagine we could handle many repairs ourselves.

We have already much more than paid for the price of the mower with the gas we’ve saved. There are no excuses for not using the mower either. No more “I gotta get more gas/oil for the mower before I can use it”, and no more “I couldn’t get it started”. Just pick up the thing and mow.

Easily assembled

The Scotts Classic Push Reel Mower came in a box and was easily assembled. I worried that mowing the grass with it would be difficult and next to impossible in some spots. That is why I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was very easy to use even though I wasn’t exactly in peak physical condition at the time.

Light weight design

Light weight design 1024x445 Scotts Classic 20 Push Reel Mower: A Personal Review

The mower’s light weight design made it very easy to push and it glided right through even the thick grass with ease. It even chopped the heads off of the taller dandelions. Another great benefit to using a reel mower as opposed to a power mower is that you don’t have to rake or bag the clippings.

Sliced perfectly

grass blades 1024x768 Scotts Classic 20 Push Reel Mower: A Personal Review

The grass blades are sliced perfectly and aren’t mangled into to chewed up bits so they are free to naturally break down and mulch your lawn in the process. Using a reel mower can also help you to stay in great physical shape as it is good exercise and your don’t have to breath harmful exhaust fumes while you are doing it.

The are only a few drawbacks that I can see with using a reel mower. The first is that you have to keep your lawn cut regularly. If you let your grass get too tall, it is nearly impossible to cut with the reel mower. Also you can’t mow your lawn if it is very wet or dewy. The grass needs to be dry. The most obvious drawback is that if you have a very large yard, then you probably won’t want to be using a human powered mower to cut your grass.

Overall, I must say that, for my needs, the Scotts Classic Push Reel Mower is absolutely the perfect choice and I am glad that I bought mine. Not only has it given me a beautiful lawn along with the peace of mind of knowing that I am not polluting the environment when I mow, but it has also saved me from spending extra money on fuel. Because of all of this, it has made mowing my lawn a peaceful task that I actually look forward to doing.

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