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Product Review: Husqvarna Z4217 Zero Turn Lawn Mower

The Husqvarna Zero Turn Lawn Mower or Z4217 is a sturdy heavy-duty and stick-controlled mower that is suitable for both skilled and semi-professional purpose. The significant features like reliability, compact design, savings in labor and more powerful engine makes it apt for residential use. This model derives its name by the presence of 42 inch deck in it. It is a relatively bigger machine with a 17.5 Horsepower Briggs & Stratton Engine. This mower measures 6 feet in length and 3 1/2 feet height.

The Husqvarna’s z4218 does not differ much from its earlier model z4217. The major difference is that the latest addition is powered by 18hp engine and is manufactured by Kohler instead of the Briggs & Stratton. All this comes at an increased price of US$300. Interestingly both of these mowers are electrically started, Twin EZT transmission and use Ogura GT1 Electric Clutch blade.

One of the special features of this Husqvarna Zero Turn Lawn Mower is the provision of ample legroom. Even well built people can be comfortably seated. The well designed steering controls facilitate in easy movement and maneuvering. This product has gained such a reputation that it has become an unavoidable gadget in the yard equipment collection.

It offers an amazing forward and backward speed of 0 to 6 and 3.5 miles per hour respectively. This makes the mowing save a lot of time. The deck of the Husqvarna Zero Turn Lawn Mower is very tough 12 gauges stamped steel. Width of the gauge is about 42″.Based on the requirement the height can be varied from 1.5″ to 4″.This decides the length of the grass that needs to be cut.

This smooth riding mower has a big cup holder and an hour meter in it. Much thought has gone into the designing of the Husqvarna Zero Turn Lawn Mower. This can be attributed to the knowledge and experience gained by the Husqvarna in their 30 plus years of manufacturing mowers. Compared to the conventional tractor-style mower this model is better for cutting grasses.

The Z4824 model comes at low price with all the features of mid-range zero-turn riders. Armed with a 24-hp engine and hydrostatic transmission it is a best deal at its price. It has a comfortable seating and 48-inch wide cut. This mower has a two cylinder engine instead of one and hence runs smoothly without any noise and vibration. This single piece steel frame has a relatively hefty engine. A downside is that shorter operators might find it difficult to operate and setting the cut height with their foot.