Cub Cadet LTX1040 42 in. Riding Mower for Sale

Well kept Cub Cadet LTX1040 42 in. Riding Mower for Sale with New Battery

The LTX 1040 uses a powerful nine-gage welded steel frame that supports the different subassemblies and parts. A single-cylinder 19-horsepower Kohler OHV engine is at the core of the machine, intended for smooth shipment and long-term secure operation. The engine is supplied from a fuel tank of 3.3-gallons. The engine connects through twin CVT drive belts to the continuously variable transmission. The top velocity is moving forward or backward 5.2 miles per hour.

The heavy-duty mowing deck of the LTX 1040 features the Signature Cut of Cub Cadet that utilizes anti-scalp wheels and a proprietary deck layout. The structure comprises of rounded high-lift blades specially intended to produce overlapping cuts. The profound housing on the deck enables grass to stand at the end as it is pulled up into the blades. This ensures that affected and crushed grass can be accessed by the lawn tractor, ensuring a clean and even cut.

The LTX 1040 also provides a range of ergonomic characteristics intended to enhance the convenience of the user. Operators sit on the well-padded mid-back seat of Cub Cadet, which can be adjusted for 12 positions and has six inches of travel. The machine also features low vibration padded footrests. The conventional CVT transmission enables infinitely variable speeds up to their highest velocity, enabling operators to customize their speeds to particular terrain. Standard cruise control guarantees that these velocities stay continuous without regular adjustment.

Price: $ 1100

About the product

Engine: Koehler
Power: 19 hp
Model Number: LTX1040
Hours: 90 Hours
Finish: Yellow

About the seller

Name: Paul Olivieri
Phone: (715) 379-6301

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