44-in Agri-Fab Lawn Sweeper Used

Like new 44-in Agri-Fab Lawn Sweeper for sale in mint condition.

It is a sturdy, heavy duty piece of machinery and very well constructed. Brush height settings are excellent and last but not least a sweeper that keeps setting. The sweeper collects the leaves and nuts perfectly, but I have to be aware of how much weight is gathered from all those nuts. Even on damp, new grass it operates wonderfully.

The 44 “Lawn Sweeper from Agri-Fab, Inc. will assist you keep the lawn you deserve. Why spend hours doing the back-breaking job needed to clean up debris in your yard? Due to its outstanding performance, a lawn sweeper will make your life simpler. Whether in the spring and early summer you clean grass clippings, or in the fall you clean leaves and small twigs, using an Agri-Fab Sweeper will make it easier. The 44 “Lawn Sweeper will last you with adequate care and usage for years to come.

Price: $ 255

About the product

Model Number: 45-092
Capacity: 25 cu. Ft.

About the seller

Name: Rick
Phone: (661) 619-3777

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