Business Ideas for Teenagers: Lawn Care

Lawn care is one of the most lucrative businesses for teenagers who want to work on their own. It is also a great business idea for teenagers who want to make money for their future college tuition and expenses. Many homeowners want to maintain a nice looking lawn during the spring and summer months. This is a great way to capitalize on the numerous properties located in your own town, without having to travel far. Lawn care is also one of the most inexpensive business ideas to start and operate.

A Smart Guide for Teenagers Who Want to Start a Money-making Lawn Care Business

With a lawn mower, hedge trimmer and a few choice tools, teenagers can start their own lawn and landscape business. With a little experience, some research and creative ideas, teens can make lots of extra money without even leaving the neighborhood. They can make up fliers, get to know their neighbors and begin to see their summer account grow!

Invest in a lawn Mower

Teenagers who want to start a lawn care business must invest in a good lawn mower. A lawn mower is the most important tool for this business idea. One can be found at stores like Sears and The Home Depot. The most inexpensive lawn mowers cost around $200. Prices go up from there. If you are a teenager who does not have the money for this business idea, try to borrow it from a friend or family member.

Explain to them that it will be an investment in your lawn care business idea. Assure them that you will return the money when you get the business up and running. Teenagers who have skeptical parents can also offer to attach some form of interest onto the loaned money. It will not take a long time to be able to return the $200 that you borrowed for your lawn care business idea. You can start making money as soon as spring begins and make the loan back within a few days.

If you want to try something clever, offer to provide your first lawn mowing service to a friend or family member. That way, he or she will not be loaning you any money. Instead, they will be paying for your lawn care services. This is a creative way for teenagers to raise funds for a lawn care business idea. It will enable you to gain experience in lawn care and get paid at the same time.

Set flexible rates

Your rates should depend on the length of time that it will take to cut someone’s grass. The lawn care business rates should also reflect the size of residential lawns. If you live in a city, most of the lawns may be small because of attached properties. Suburban and rural areas are more likely to have larger lawns. Teenagers who choose to operate a lawn care business can charge anywhere from $70-$100 per lawn.

Hourly rates can also be set for your lawn care business idea. If you are having some trouble deciding on rates, call around to other lawn care companies and ask them what they charge. These calls must be made from a customer’s point of view. Local companies will not offer information to someone who is their potential competition. Try to set your rate low enough to exhibit a good deal and high enough to compensate you properly for your time. Most people are willing to patronize businesses that are run by young people, generally teenage entrepreneurs.

Advertise using flyers and Free Gifts

Teenagers can begin working on getting customers for their lawn care business by advertising locally. Post flyers up at local restaurants, grocery stores and shopping centers. You can also gather a few friends to put flyers under the front door or in mailboxes at individual homes. Refrigerator magnets, Key chains and ink pens are also great marketing tools for this Business idea. When you cut someone’s grass, you can leave a small gift with them.

This can generate repeat business for teenagers who provide lawn care. Customers will remember you when they are seeking lawn care services in the future. They will be able to contact you by locating the contact information on the gifts that are left. This business idea can provide a very busy and profitable summer for teenagers. It will not be long before word-of-mouth starts to spread and generate continuous business in your town.


Teenagers who start a lawn care business should also have a few additional items for operation. These items include hedge shears, environment and plant-friendly pesticides, gloves a broom and trash bags. Homeowners may offer to provide some of these items. However, it is always best to have them on hand just in case they are not provided. This will enable you to operate your lawn care business effectively.

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