Used Blue Hawk 42-in Tow-Behind Lawn Sweeper

42″ Blue Hawk sweeper for sale with custom-made PVC and canvas catcher. Sweeper measurements: wheel-to-wheel width: 50″, sweeper hitch-to-back: 36 “Catcher sizes: 45″Wx 37″Dx 22″H Sweeper rapidly attaches to the mower via a trailer pin. Catcher attaches only a couple of clevis pins to the sweeper. Catcher was intended for simple trailering when not sweeping to flip onto the sweeper tongue. Equally sized to fit around a 42 “craftsman mower’s front wheels for storage.

When adjusted properly, each lawn and garden attachment will operate properly. The height adjustment for the brush is above your favorite mower deck height for clearance. You probably need to experiment with the height of the brush before you discover the sweet spot where it works best without dragging. It’s a learning curve that will create a large difference with the slightest height adjustment. You should no longer need to be monkey with it once set to your advantage.

Price: $ 100

About the product

Model Number: 45-0320-062

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Name: Ken
Phone: (682) 404-6671

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