Agri-Fab 52″ Lawn Sweeper for Sale

Used Agri-fab model 45-05221 as fresh lawn sweeper works fantastic.

Agri-fab sweepers are intended for towing with a hitch plate behind a lawn and garden mower. The sweepers are supplied with a universal hitch pin so if your ZT tractor has a hitch plate set up for towing gear it would operate. Extra-large bag flow, so you don’t have to dump as often as you like. Fits all tracts easily, easily and rapidly.

I’m very satisfied with the quality of this item. I didn’t know they made 52 inches until I researched this, but I’m glad I didn’t go any lower because the size is ideal. My yard is now prepared for the children to go out and play without monitoring leaves through the house or getting harmed on a stick. I suggest this to anyone with a tractor and a yard that needs to be picked up.

At an amazing 52 “broad, this Agri-Fab lawn sweeper enables me minimize so much time from raking, collecting sticks, pine cones and other trash from my yard. Assembly of this lawn sweeper is a breeze that takes little time and effort to assemble and readily attach to my mower. It has a capability of 26 cubic ft that can hold unwanted debris.

Price: $ 200

About the product

Model Number: 45-05221
Finish: Black
Capacity: 26 cubic ft

About the seller

Phone: (386) 405-6801

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