Toro Recycler 22 inch lawn mower in excellent mechanical condition

This Toro Recycler lawn mower is in excellent mechanical condition and comes equipped with a powerful 6.5 horsepower motor, a 22″ cutting deck (wider than most mowers), and self-propelling drive. As shown in the attached photos, the mower has been meticulously cleaned and maintained, with no oil or gas leaks or smoke during operation.

Here are the tasks that were completed on this mower:

The engine shroud and blower cover were disassembled, thoroughly cleaned, and inspected for any necessary repairs.
The carburetor was meticulously cleaned, including the jets, and the gas tank was removed, thoroughly cleaned, and reassembled.

The front-wheel drive self-propelling mechanisms were replaced, cleaned, lubricated, and put back together, with brand new parts and a new drive belt installed.

All the height adjusters on the wheels were taken apart, regreased, and put back together to ensure they work correctly.

Additionally, the mower has undergone routine maintenance tasks such as tightening of nuts and bolts, oil changes, fresh fuel, a new spark plug, a new air filter, and blade sharpening. After completion of these tasks, the mower was tested and worked perfectly, with no leaks or issues.

The price for this well-maintained lawn mower is $250.00, with cash payment only. A comparable new lawn mower in the upcoming Spring season could cost up to $500.00-$600.00.

Price: $ 250

About the product

Power: 6.5 hp
Model Number: Recycler

About the seller

Name: Bryan Poppe
Phone: 402-432-8404

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