Kubota GR2000G Compact Riding Lawn Mower for Sale

This is a listing for a Kubota GR2000G riding mower with a 20 horsepower overhead valve engine, a 48-inch deck with well-maintained and sharpened blades, and a hydrastatic drive. The mower also features a hydraulic deck, power steering, and a firm hood held on with two screws due to broken mount brackets. It has been used for 514 hours and is in excellent condition, although the year model is unknown.

The Kubota GR2000G is a compact riding mower designed for residential use. Here are some of its key features and specifications:

Engine: The mower is powered by a 20-horsepower, liquid-cooled, 3-cylinder Kubota diesel engine.

Transmission: The GR2000G has a hydrostatic transmission with a pedal-operated forward/reverse control.

Cutting deck: The mower features a 48-inch cutting deck with a hydraulic lift system that allows for easy adjustment of the cutting height.

Steering: The GR2000G has power steering, which makes it easy to maneuver around obstacles in the yard.

Comfort: The mower is designed with a high-back seat that provides ample support and comfort during use.

Safety: The GR2000G comes with a safety interlock system that prevents the engine from starting unless the operator is seated and the parking brake is engaged.

Fuel tank capacity: The mower has a 4.8-gallon fuel tank, which provides ample run time between refueling.

Warranty: The Kubota GR2000G comes with a 4-year/300-hour limited warranty.

Overall, the Kubota GR2000G is a reliable and durable riding mower that is designed to make yard work easier and more efficient. Its powerful engine, easy-to-use controls, and comfortable design make it a great choice for homeowners with medium-sized lawns.

Price: $ 1475

About the product

Power: 20 hp
Model Number: GR2000G
Hours: 514 Hours

About the seller

Name: Allen
Phone: (972) 948-1793

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