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Scotts Classic 20 inch Reel Push Lawn Mower (Used)

Smooth operating Scotts Classic Reel Push Lawn Mower Gears are lubricated and cuts really well. Blades just professionally sharpened, light-weight, and easy to operate.


  • Bag (grass catcher)
  • Foam handlebar

The Scotts Classic reel lawn mower is the industry’s greatest manual reel mower and the fastest cutting reel mower on the market. It has a complete cutting route of 20 inches broad, as broad as a traditional gas mower. It has a cutting height variety from 1 inch to 3 inches, approximately one inch or so greater than most other designs of reel mower. Most grass types don’t need this high to be mowed, but it’s still a good characteristic. ⠀ The Scotts Classic reel mower weighs around 30 lbs, which for a mower of this size is very light. Pushing is pretty simple.

Price: $ 40

About the product

Model Number: Classic
Finish: Green

About the seller

Name: Kathryn Kistner
Address: 209 N Stone Street, Asuting, TX, 78664
Phone: (512) 310-2467

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