Neuton EM 5.1 Cordless Electric Lawn Mower for Sale

For sale is a Very quiet operation Neuton electric lawn mower with bag, 2 batteries, side attachment, and key.

NEUTON Mower EM 5.1 for SmallLawns is the Smart Mower. The sophisticated technology integrated into your NEUTON Mower makes lawn care simple and enjoyable year after year. As you get to understand your NEUTON Mower, you will find that it is powerful, light, simple to maintain, and quiet to whisper. It’s also clean because it runs on a battery. With your NEUTON Mower, you’ll breathe easily and maintain yourlawn beautiful in the intelligent, enjoyable manner. This Mower can perform either as a mower for discharging, mulching or bagging.

For tiny yards, the Neuton 5.1 mower is the ideal environmentally friendly lawn mower choice. I only used this mower for my front yard (much lower than my back yard) and it worked fantastically. Maintenance is simple-simply remove the battery when not in use. There’s no need to worry about gas or other maintenance. This mower is much quieter and much lighter than a typical gas mower. Because this mower is slower, it does not placed as much stress on the grass or leave separate marks on the road.

Price: $ 60

About the product

Model Number: EM 5.1

About the seller

Name: Gary Ennis
Phone: (512) 913-2412

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