WORX WG788 Cordless Mower for Sale

I have a WORX WG788 36 volt self-propelled cordless mower for sale from the original owner.

The sale involves the attachment of the mower, side cap, discharge bag, and battery. The battery charger is missing but can be discovered online for ~50 bucks. The mower operates fantastically. It can cut about 1/4 acre of ordinary grass on a complete charge. If the grass is big and dense, it can cut about 1/10 of an acre.

The mower’s quiet. I was extremely amazed at how effective and quiet it was when I first used it. I enjoy the insert for mulching and rarely use the bag attachment. Mower is doing a excellent job in both quiet and turbo modes. Battery maintains a charge so mine and my son’s yards can be mowed twice before fully drained…. after the first mowing, there are still 3 indicator lights lit.

The battery that can be removed is a plus. You don’t have to drape an extension chord across the garage, just put in the battery and charge it over night. Adjusting the height is very easy as changing from mulching to bagging or side release (although I wish the bag felt a little more safe). It looks very stylish and folds down so the footprint is slightly lower when you store it.

Price: $ 60

About the product

Model Number: WG788

About the seller

Name: Melissa L. Harrison
Address: 1474 Luke Ln NWLawrenceville, GA 30043
Phone: (580) 242-1470

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