Mclane 17″ Hand Push Reel Mower for Sale

Used Mclane 17″ Hand Push Reel Mower for Sale. Quiet and simple on the setting, including grass catcher!

Allows a clean cut for a better, more appealing lawn. Features: 17″ Cutting Width, 10 Blade Reel-3/16″ to 1 “Cutting Height!, Single Wing Nut for Quick Height Adjustment Change, Front and Rear Wheels Adjust to Keep Mower Level, Chain Driven-Booked Polyester Powder Paint, Precision Sealed Ball Bearings in Reel.

Price: $ 50

About the product

Model Number: G17-PH-10

About the seller

Name: Clayton M. Cribbs
Phone: 860-384-9020

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