Earthwise 16-in 7-Blade Push Reel Mower for Sale

Earthwise 16-in reel lawn mower is environmentally friendly and offers excellent exercise 5-blade ball-bearing reel is perfect for grasses such as Fescue or Kentucky bluegrass. Easy height adjustment enables you to choose grass heights from 1-in to 3-in.

Choose this Earthwise 16-in reel lawn mower to minimize the impacts of oil on the surroundings. Its five-blade ball-bearing reel is perfect for fine, slender grasses and provides simple height adjustment from 1-in to 3-in. The unbreakable steel side plate offers durability, and 10-in front wheels and 6-in back tracking wheels provide enhanced maneuverability, making it simple to steer around fences and garden regions.

Price: $ 60

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Name: Wayne
Address: Aurora Lane near Montray
Phone: (407) 279-0567

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