Sunbeam E-700 21″ self-propelled reel mower

1964 Sunbeam E-700, 21 “cut, electric self-propelled reel mower for yards less than 1/4 acres. To run, plug it in, switch it on and lift the handle to activate the drive or maintain it freewheeling. Work done: removed engine gear grade, cleaned and re-grained gears / housing. Cleaned electric motor / housing, brushes in great condition with an initial length greater than 3/4 remaining. Five heat treated / hardened US steel blade reel and back lapped bed knife with 80 grit compound, one piece of paper is cut. Fully stripped and cleaned mower, all metal covered with anti-corrosive, wood roller oil. Cut height is adjustable at roller axle, roughly 1/2 “to 2 1/4” roughly 35 pounds. Sunbeam bag involves handle locks in upright storage position, handle arm for winding your extension cord. Blade adjustment is fast and precise, with a straight tip screwdriver, settings can be produced in just a few minutes.

Price: $ 175

About the product

Model Number: E-700
Year: 1964
Finish: Blue

About the seller

Name: Robert Wigington
Phone: 402-589-2196

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