Carlisle 24×9.50-12 Turf Master Lawn Mower Tires

I have two Carlisle 24×9.50-12 Turf Master Lawn Mower Tires. The Scag zero turned out these tires. Tires are in good condition. This was a replacement parts, and we have some tires. This is an excellent substitute. It was much like the OEM tire except that a large ventilating port on the sidewall of the OEM piping had formed. It worked well while parking, or during mowing.we just got rid there. Relatively quick to mount the tires. Turf Master is stronger, more grip, more stable and more resistant to thorns, etc

Price: $ 50

About the product

Model Number: Turf Master 511434

About the seller

Name: Kelly Burkett
Phone: (423) 316-7104

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