2 Carlisle Turf Saver lawn mower tires for sale

Available for purchase: A pair of lawn mower tires, complete with rims, in excellent condition. These tires were previously used on a Craftsman mower and are sized at 20 x 8.00-8nhs. Manufactured by Carlisle Turf Saver, they are designed to provide optimal performance. Detailed pictures are provided for your reference, showcasing the tires’ quality. The shaft size measures 3/4″, with one end being oblong as depicted in the images. Each tire is priced at $40.00, or you can acquire the pair for a discounted price of $75.00. To inquire or make a purchase, please call or text. Kindly note that I do not respond to inquiries regarding availability, and once the item is sold, the ad will be promptly removed. Text messages are preferred for communication purposes.

The Carlisle Turf Saver tire in size 20 x 8.00-8 NHS features a durable construction with a tread pattern designed to provide traction without damaging grass. Its design aims to minimize turf wear while offering stability and control on various surfaces. The tire’s construction is optimized for use in lawn and garden applications, making it suitable for riding mowers, lawn tractors, and other similar equipment.

Price: $ 40

About the product

Model Number: Turf Saver

About the seller

Name: Randy
Phone: 918-752-7052

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