Like New Carlisle Turf Saver II Riding Mower Tire

One like new carlisle turf saver II 15×6.00-6 nhs riding mower tire: never mounted, completely brand new. Ask for $25.00. Turf saver II tires are soft on the turf yet have sufficient traction to climb up gentle slopes. Carlisle turf saver II tires are equipped with a rounded shoulder for simple steering.

The lawn and garden tire of carlisle turf saver II does what it says: it saves the turf. If you want a tire that lasts for a long time, this is it. The traction tread of the turf saver offers great grip and long wear with a small compaction of grass. For average home lawn and garden apps, this makes it an outstanding option!

For driving mowers, garden tractors, tillers, golf carts, snow throwers and utility cars, Carlisle Turf Saver II tires can be used. Turf Saver II tires offer you great traction on turf and grass with little or no lawn wear with their wide shouldered design.

Price: $ 25

About the product

Model Number: Turf Saver II

About the seller

Name: Joseph V. Maynard
Address: 1939 Amblewood Drive
Phone: (601) 421-2667

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