48 inch John Deere 155c Riding lawn mower for sale

John Deere riding lawn more for sale 48 inch cut 155C model, is still in the box with rear bagger and rear spreader and dethacher. Travel no longer requires a riding lawn mower. Better state of affairs. The mower deck can sit from 1 and 4 inches above the ground and can be set in increments of 0.5 inches. The John Deere 155C use an automatic gearbox that does not change gear. You simply use the forward or reverse pedal to change speed or direction instead. Obviously the main aim of the JD 155C is to cut your grass, but it is also compatible with quite a few attachments.

Price: $ 750

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Model Number: 155c

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Name: Lee
Phone: (248) 722-5763

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