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2014 Snapper 2812524BVE (28-Inch) 12.5HP Hi-Vac Rear Engine Riding Mower with Bagger

I have a Snapper 2812524BVE riding mower available for sale. It has been well maintained and is in excellent condition. The mower has had only light use, primarily for mowing a large residential lot. It features a Briggs & Stratton 11.5hp motor that starts up easily with just a few pulls (please note that this model does not have electric start). There are no issues or smoke, and the mower has plenty of power. Additionally, it has a new carburetor installed.

The mower has a smooth 5-speed transmission with lever control, eliminating the need for clutching. The tires are almost new and all hold air perfectly. The cutting deck is made of 14-gauge steel and measures 28 inches in width. Operating the mower is simple, and it has a tight turning radius for easy maneuverability. Furthermore, the bagger cart included with the mower can also serve as a utility trailer.

Here are the specifications for the 2014 Snapper 2812524BVE mower:

– Model: Snapper 2812524BVE
– Year: 2014
– Riding mower type
– Engine: Briggs & Stratton 11.5hp motor
– Electric start: No (requires manual pulling to start)
– Transmission: 5-speed with lever control (no clutching required)
– Cutting deck: 28 inches
– Deck material: 14-gauge steel
– Turning radius: Tight for easy maneuverability
– Additional feature: Bagger cart can also be used as a utility trailer

Please note that these specifications are specific to the 2014 model of the Snapper 2812524BVE mower.

Price: $ 875

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Model Number: 7800785

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Name: Brian
Phone: (512) 820-8359

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