2017 John Deere X330 residential riding lawn mower for sale

I’m selling a 2017 John Deere X330 riding mower with a 42″ deck, 22 hp Briggs engine, and only 82 hours of use. It’s been well-maintained with a fresh oil and filter change, sharp blades, and new air and fuel filters. I’m the only owner and it’s in great condition.

The John Deere X330 is a riding lawn mower designed for residential use. Here are some of its features and specs:

Engine: 20 HP (14.9 kW) V-twin John Deere iTorque™ Power System
Transmission: K58 hydrostatic integrated with the transaxle
Cutting width: 42 inches (107 cm)
Cutting height: 1-4 inches (2.5-10.2 cm)
Blade engagement: electric PTO
Steering: sector and pinion with single drag link and tie rod
Turning radius: 16 in (40.6 cm)
Seat: 15 in (38.1 cm) high-back seat with lumbar adjustment and adjustable armrests
Fuel capacity: 3.3 US gallons (12.5 liters)
Tires: 15×6-6 front, 20×10-8 rear
Weight: approximately 550 lbs (249.5 kg)

Additional features may include:

Cruise control
Cup holder
Optional MulchControl™ kit for grass mulching
Optional snow blower attachment for snow removal

The John Deere X330 is known for its durability, reliability, and ease of use, making it a popular choice for homeowners with medium-sized lawns.

This model is a great choice for homeowners who want a comfortable and versatile mower that can tackle various terrain types and grass lengths. With a powerful 20-hp Kawasaki V-twin engine, hydrostatic transmission, and 42-inch Edge™ cutting system, the X330 can mow up to 1.5 acres per hour with ease. It also features a comfortable 18-inch high-back seat, adjustable steering column, and cruise control, making it easy to operate for long periods without fatigue.

But that’s not all. The X330 also comes with a range of useful features and accessories that enhance its performance and convenience. For example, it has an electric power take-off (PTO) for quick blade engagement, a heavy-duty welded frame for durability, and a cup holder and storage compartment for your refreshments and tools. Additionally, it has a built-in MowMentum™ system that adjusts the speed and direction of the mower to match your pace and terrain, reducing the need for constant adjustments and improving your mowing efficiency.

If you’re interested, I’m happy to deliver it to you within 200 miles for just $3 per loaded mile. Let me know if you have any questions!

Price: $ 2985

About the product

Model Number: X330
Hours: 82 Hours
Year: 2017

About the seller

Name: John
Phone: (402) 690-8490

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