Used Honda HRX217K5HZAA Self Propelled Mower

3 Years old and well looked after. This is the Honda mower’s largest model they sell. New details at $850. The HRX217K5HZAA model number. The following features are listed: * Battery Electric Start, Easy start, powerful Honda GCV200 engine* Self-propelled, hydrostatic Cruise Control* Roto-Stop blade stop system*4-in-1 Versamow SystemTM with Clip Director -mulch, bag, discharge and leaf shred* MicroCut Twin Blades * Worry lifetime limited NeXite ® deck warranty.

Honda’s premium residential GCV200 engine, which is easy to start, fuel efficient and strong, provides even more energy and torque than its predecsor. The lead? High mowing efficiency and easier and quicker cutting, even in dense, heavy grass. Increased strength also implies enhanced durability, offering reliable service for years. Honda’s hydrostatic Cruise Control enables accurate, fully adjustable velocity control from 0 to 4 mph. The Roto-Stop blade stop scheme from Honda enables you to step away from the mower without stopping and restarting the engine. Without getting to restart your mower, move products out of the manner, empty the bag, or take a break.

The HRX has a handy rear discharge gate that increases maneuverability and eliminates the need for a distinct attachment to the discharge chute. At the back of the mower, the clippings are aimed out the bottom. The quick release handle can be easily adjusted for comfortable mowing to one of 3 positions. Or fold it over to make storage more compact. For transport, storage or maintenance purposes, the fuel valve can be shut down. Practical height adjustment levers for lawn circumstances to set mowing height.

The innovative Honda Versamow System lets you mulch, bag, release, and shred leaves–or even a mixture of mulching and bagging! To choose how much grass is bagged or mulched, just click the handy Clip Director button. There is no need for instruments or expensive attachments. In comfort and versatility, it’s the ultimate. Honda’s exclusive twin blade MicroCut System utilizes four cutting surfaces for superior mulching and more clipping per bag. The final outcome? A perfect cut, less time to empty the bag, less time to work for you.

Price: $ 675

About the product

Engine: Honda GCV200
Model Number: HRX217K5HZAA
Serial Number: MAGA - 2452446

About the seller

Name: Timothy T. Stocker
Phone: (319) 438-2007

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