Used Honda Harmony II HRT 216 Quadracut lawn mower for sale

Selling a Honda Harmony II HRT 216 Quadracut lawn mower from my collection. It has a 21-inch deck and a 6 HP engine, working perfectly without any issues. Additionally, it comes with the original, unused side discharge chute and rear discharge plug for mulching. I’ve decided to sell some of my lawn mowers to create space for a garden tractor.

The Honda Harmony II HRT 216 Quadracut lawn mower offers several notable features:

Quadracut System: This mower is equipped with Honda’s innovative Quadracut system, which incorporates four cutting surfaces. This ensures a clean and precise cut, leaving your lawn looking well-maintained.

Powerful Engine: The HRT 216 is powered by a reliable and robust engine, providing sufficient power for tackling various types of grass and terrain. This ensures efficient and consistent performance.

Variable Speed: This mower offers variable speed control, allowing you to adjust the cutting speed to match your preferred pace or the condition of the lawn. Whether you need to mow quickly or prefer a more leisurely pace, the adjustable speed feature ensures flexibility.

Mulching Capability: The HRT 216 comes with a mulching feature, allowing you to finely chop grass clippings and then disperse them back onto the lawn. Mulching returns essential nutrients to the soil, promoting healthier grass growth and reducing the need for fertilizers.

Bagging Option: In addition to mulching, this mower also provides a bagging option. The rear bag collects grass clippings as you mow, keeping your lawn clean and neat. The bag is easy to remove and empty, minimizing effort and mess.

Durable Construction: Honda is known for its durability, and the HRT 216 is no exception. It features a robust and sturdy build that can withstand regular and demanding use.

Height Adjustment: This mower offers multiple cutting height options, allowing you to customize the grass length to suit your preferences or the specific requirements of your lawn.

Overall, the Honda Harmony II HRT 216 Quadracut lawn mower combines power, precision, and versatility, making it an excellent choice for maintaining your lawn with ease.

Price: $ 380

About the product

Power: 6 hp
Model Number: Harmony II HRT 216

About the seller

Name: Fernando
Phone: (408) 317-5506

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