Like New Milwaukee M18 cordless 21 inch electric mower for sale

Brand new Milwaukee M18 FUEL cordless lawn mower with a 21-inch deck, self-propelled, includes bag or mulch options, single lever adjusts all four wheel heights, equipped with headlights, comes with two 12ah HIGH OUTPUT batteries, dual rapid charger, Model 2823-22HD, features a drive handle that locks forward for storage, and boasts the latest design with two handles. Never been used.

The Milwaukee M18 mower is a cordless electric lawn mower powered by Milwaukee’s M18 battery system. It’s designed to provide a convenient and eco-friendly solution for maintaining your lawn. The M18 mower is known for its quiet operation, low maintenance, and ease of use, making it a popular choice among homeowners who prefer a cordless option for lawn care.

Price: $ 750

About the product

Model Number: M18

About the seller

Name: Sarah
Phone: (970) 975-0470

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