Used Honda Harmony HRB216HXA hydrostatic lawn mower for Sale

Used Honda Harmony HRB216HXA hydrostatic lawn mower for Sale. Clean and in good working order. Hydro is working perfectly. It’s got a roto stop blade clutch.  Sat for a couple of years, because it wouldn’t roll back without the wheels lock. . I installed a new rear wheel hub assembly on the left, along with new bushings and a seal on the right. With no binding, you can easily pull this computer backwards. Drive pinions / springs clean and in excellent condition. Drive gear on the rear wheels in excellent condition. Complete tread on all the tyres. All cable improvements have been made. The engine controlled by the top speed has been set. The blades were sharpened. Fresh change of oil and a new air filter. I mulched a lot of leaves, and everything works great. It comes with a bag and a mulch plug.

Price: $ 200

About the product

Model Number: HRB216HXA
Serial Number: MAAA-1077185

About the seller

Name: James S. Wickman
Phone: (763) 742-7153

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