Secondhand 22 inch John Deere JS45 lawn mower

Secondhand 22 inch John Deere JS45 lawn mower in a perfect condition. It has a low price on the cost of all john Deere goods. The Briggs and Stratton 190 cc engine works exceptionally well. A downside to this mower is it doesn’t have an electric start but it doesn’t take much to pull this mower to start. Grass is too tall or too dense now. One weak spot I’ve found is the blade carrying main shaft. I work in an environment where you’re mowing really rugged terrain.

The self-propelling speed control drive is fantastic. Even if you’re in wet grass or steep hills, you’re going to pull yourself. The higher speeds allow you to walk easily behind it while still offering an excellent even break. The bagging device is the best I’ve ever seen behind mower for a stroll. Like other bagging schemes, it does not leave a tiny strip of grass stacked up.

The JS45 mower is also useful for sweeping up those unwanted leaves rather than tossing them around. The cut efficiency is second to none of this 21 inch mower. For such a wide cutting path it reduces by a significant amount on the mowing time. When you touch some debris then the shaft bend.

With no doubt though, I have returned two with immediate replacement. The front wheel style that swivels 360 degrees is fantastic. You don’t have to pick the mower up and turn it around as you hit the end of a cutting line, it just turns on a half.

Price: $ 185

About the product

Engine: Briggs and Stratton 190 cc
Model Number: JS45

About the seller

Name: Hugh P. Fulton
Phone: 720-289-0202

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