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Used Fiskars StaySharp Max 18″ Heavy Duty Eco Friendly Reel Mower

Transform your lawn care routine with the world’s most advanced reel lawn mowers – no need for gas, cords, or annual blade sharpening.

Fiskars Reel Mowers revolutionize lawn maintenance by cleanly cutting each grass blade, akin to using scissors. Unlike gas and electric mowers that can damage grass and make it more susceptible to drying and disease, our push reel lawn mowers eliminate exposure to exhaust gases and noise pollution, offering numerous health and environmental benefits.

Experience a cleaner cut with our StaySharp Reel Mowers, free from the hassles of gas, oil, batteries, cords, and loud engine noise. These mowers boast three cutting-edge technologies for increased power, easy one-touch height adjustment, reduced blade wear for long-lasting performance, and superior ergonomics, making them 30-60% easier to push compared to other reel lawn mowers. In good condition! Originally priced over $200 with tax.

Still using a lawn mower that is powered by gas? If it’s a riding mower or a push mower that consumes the costly stuff then its another way to feel the crunch of rising prices that seems to be stifling the economy. Fortunately there’s a way to go green with lawn mowers and there’s no gas involved.

The old time push mowers were just that. They were mowers that were pushed by hand over grass & weeds that did not need gas to run. When I was a kid some of the old folks in the neighborhood had them. I actually mowed a neighbor’s lawn with the one they owned on a regular basis. I was amazed at how good it cut the grass and I never got a cut or a scratch from it getting away from me. When you stopped pushing the mower stopped with you. It really did a good job of eliminating the problem of a foot getting run over.

These old time push mowers haven’t disappeared. They are still being made but in a more updated fashion. A few years back I saw them for sale on the shopping channel QVC. While you may not need gas to run them, you will have to sharpen the blades. How often you have to sharpen the blades will depend on what the mower is running over, rocks etc., and how often it is being used.

If going green and saving money on gas isn’t enough to get you hooked on a push mower you may want to consider the other benefits it offers. One valuable health benefit is exercise. A riding mower doesn’t do that and a gas powered push mower while giving you the benefit of walking seems to glide more easily over grass. And both of these mowers are noisy some more so than others.

The non-powered push mower challenges upper arm strength, builds leg strength and gives you the ability to mow over a greater distance without running out of gas. Its runs relatively quiet and won’t bother anyone like the disturbance of a noisy gas mower on a lazy Saturday.

The biggest seller of all to me in why the gas less push mower should make a come back is that it doesn’t expel fumes from gas so it isn’t adding to global warming in the same way as the other mowers do. And it also in a small way can help us to make that cross over into a society where we are less dependent on gas until such a time when we have no need at all for gas.

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