Gardena 300 Quiet Push Cylinder Lawn Mower

Cylinder Lawn Mower Gardena 300 Quiet Push 12″ width of the blade 18″ Total cutting height with wheels: 12mm-42mm easily folds up
Save money on gas while getting some exercise.
You have to walk to push it, it is not a power, you can exercise your body well and naturally if you have only used it a few times.

GARDENA Hand Cylinder Lawnmowers 300 are environmentally friendly and operate without the use of electricity. The idea is simple: as you push, the cutting cylinder and bottom blade move independently. The blade of grass is picked up and sliced in the same way that scissors are. The cutting cylinder and bottom blade do not touch, allowing for pleasant and low-noise operation as well as effortless pressing. The hardened, nonstick-coated steel cutting cylinder and the ground bottom blade ensure a clean and precise cut for superior grass care. Large wheels with unique tread aid in steering and provide good traction. The appropriate cutting height is simply adjustable using a joystick and may be read on a scale.

Price: $ 40

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Model Number: 300

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Name: George S Firis
Address: 10202 23rd Ct South West
Phone: (206) 767-4538

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