Used Craftsman 18″ Reel Mower with Bag No gas required

Used Craftsman 18″ Reel Mower with Bag No gas required. Fantastic 18 “mower push with bag. $65. No longer need to buy gas. I like this mower really. I’m using it in areas where our mower can’t get there and it’s doing the work. If you’re searching for a reel mower style, I’d suggest it. The 18 “reel mower craftsman is easy to push. Works better than a gas mower because it is user-friendly, not many attempts to start. Just push and cut. Cuts grass nicely. Easy to assemble. Full set-up and ready to use in about 10-15 minutes. This manual mower requires all maintenance out of owning a mower without gas or electric powered components. All you need to do is push this quiet mower across your lawn with 9 height positions and enjoy a nicer yard.

Price: $ 65

About the product

Model Number: 37664

About the seller

Name: Ernest H. Roberts
Phone: (831) 214-8454

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