Used 2019 Worldlawn 28 Inch Walk Behind Lawn Mower

2019 World Lawn 28 Inch Deck Belt Driven Walk Behind Lawn Mower is up for sale. 10.5 HP Briggs Power motor with less than 15 Minutes! Great condition-As a new condition! I purchased this mower for use in my lawn mowing company this past spring but I used it only a dozen or so times. The cut value is good, but on steep hills the mower doesn’t manage well. If you’re mowing flat to semi-flat, this mower is a great preform! There are 3 forward speeds in the transmission, no reverse. The maximum forward speed is 3.5 mph. The height of cutting varies from 1.5 to 4 inches. I included 2 additional blade sets.

Keep in mind that this mower doesn’t come with a grass catcher, but at a dealer or online you can buy one for less than $150. If you’re interested in testing this mower, we can arrange a meeting behind Bruster’s Ice Cream in Glen Burnie, 801 Aquahart Road. I paid $1,500 for this mower, and the first person with $1,000 in cash can take it. Price is firm, please don’t hurry to offer anything less to you or to my time.

Price: $ 1000

About the product

Power: 10.5 hp
Model Number: WY28S11BS
Year: 2019
Finish: Red

About the seller

Name: Charles L. Brunner
Address: 679 Perry Street
Phone: 810-650-1421

Contact the seller

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