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1978 Lawnboy 7084 Push 21” Mower for Sale

Available for purchase is a meticulously restored 1978 Lawnboy 7084 Push 21” Mower featuring a D433 Brick Top Engine. This mower, boasting a serial number of 8046861, has remained under the care of a single owner since its acquisition in 1977. Included with the sale are the original receipt and bank check from the initial purchase. Nearly all components, approximately 98%, are in their authentic state. The mower has undergone an extensive rejuvenation process, including sanding, preparation, priming, application of a two-part automotive paint, and a clear coat. Every original part has been preserved and will be provided. While I’m currently inclined to part with it, there’s a possibility I might change my mind. The experience of refurbishing this project has been immensely enjoyable, prompting me to embark on a similar endeavor with another vintage Lawnboy that I’ve recently acquired.

Price: $ 1200

About the product

Model Number: 7084
Serial Number: 8046861
Year: 1978

About the seller

Name: Terry
Phone: (405) 546-0852

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