Toro 21″ self propelled mulching lawnmower with bag

A Toro 21″ self-propelled, mulching lawnmower with an all-aluminum deck and the personal pace mechanism is available for purchase. This lawnmower has fresh gas, fresh oil, a new carburetor, a sharpened blade, and a new fuel line. This is simple to start cold and runs and idles smoothly once warmed up. I defy anyone to find a better offer anywhere. Mowers that cost less might be available, but they won’t have the maintenance done. If it doesn’t sell, I might decide to keep this mower for myself because it’s so nice. These Toro lawn mowers work great and seem to last forever, and I repair a lot of them. Please take note that there is a bag on this.

Price: $ 145

About the product

Model Number: 20092
Serial Number: 310024790

About the seller

Name: Andy
Phone: (248) 880-4873

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