John Deere 14 SB 21″ Push Mower for Sale

John Deere 14 SB 21 inch cut push mower for sale, runs smoothly, self-propelled safety blade engages John Deere 14 SB 21 inch cut push mower, runs smoothly, self-propelled, safety blade, stays idle and runs smoothly without the blade spinning, so it is safe, the handle has been reinforced with angle iron, one of the back tires can not lift or decrease the blade.

The John Deere 14SB has a mower deck of 21 inches, which is fairly standard for a lawnmower self-propelled walk behind. While many individuals point to this model’s longevity and strength, the only true downside is that it weighs quite a lot. But this is largely due to the engine. However, the excellent thing about this model, like all John Deere designs, is that although it may have been more than 10 years since one was manufactured, John Deere still provides substitute components for it.

It is powered by an engine of the FC150 Kawasaki, which pumps out 5hp, which is really a lot of energy for such a tiny lawn mower. Maybe when they created this model, John Deere made a mistake and gave it a much more strong engine than required. However, the upside to this is that you can readily take on long moist grass without worrying that even when you mulch the grass, the engine will cut out. It also has the benefit that it can carry a bagger as well.

Price: $ 100

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Engine: Kawasaki
Model Number: 14 SB

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