Nearly new Craftsman R110 riding mower with grass catcher

For sale is a nearly new Craftsman R110 riding mower with a catcher attachment. This unit has very low hours of use since the previous owner had a small yard that did not require a riding mower. The same model without the catcher retails for $1939.00 at Lowes, and the catcher alone is valued at over $300.00. You can purchase the mower with the catcher for only $1500.00.

The Craftsman R110 riding mower is a gas-powered mower designed for residential use. Here are the specs and features:

Engine: The mower is powered by a 10.5 horsepower Briggs & Stratton engine.

Cutting Width: The mower has a 30-inch cutting deck, which is designed to help you navigate through narrow passages and smaller yards.

Cutting Height: You can adjust the cutting height of the mower using a single lever, with six different height positions ranging from 1.5 to 4 inches.

Maneuverability: The R110 has a tight 18-inch turning radius, which makes it easy to maneuver around obstacles and in tight spaces.

Transmission: The mower features a 6-speed shift-on-the-go transmission, which allows you to change gears without stopping.

Reverse Mowing: The mower can also mow in reverse, which is a helpful feature when maneuvering around obstacles or getting into tight spots.

Comfort: The R110 is designed with a comfortable mid-back seat and a soft-touch steering wheel for a comfortable ride.

Easy Maintenance: The mower features a washout port that allows you to clean the cutting deck easily, and a removable oil filter for easy maintenance.

Warranty: The R110 comes with a two-year limited warranty.

Craftsman R110 riding mower is a compact and maneuverable mower that is ideal for smaller yards. Its features and specs make it easy to operate and maintain, making it a great choice for homeowners looking for a reliable and comfortable mower.

Price: $ 1500

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Model Number: R110

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Name: Tracy
Phone: (970) 690-1744

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