John Deere 2500 Professional commercial golf course diesel Lawn mower

2500B PrecisionCut Professional commercial golf course John Deere model 2500 Mower for the lawn.Most golf courses want to cut and collect the grass on the greens to ensure a premium cut and an even and smooth appearance. The most difficult aspect of catching grass with a greens mower is that as the grass catcher fills up, its weight is transferred to the cutting unit. This problem is exacerbated by a riding greens mower, which has three cutting units and grass catchers that collect different amounts of grass, implying that different weights are applied to the three cutting units. It has been sitting for 9 years, so it will require new tires, battery, seat, and hoses. It does work; the machine has 2698 hours on it. It’s a diesel.

Price: $ 2900

About the product

Power: 19.6 hp
Model Number: 2500
Hours: 2698 Hours

About the seller

Name: Josh
Phone: (775) 721-5751

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