Like New Husqvarna LC 221A AWD Lawnmower for Sale

21 inch AWD Husqvarna LC 221A Lawnmower in pristine condition with 150cc 6.25 motor brigs. This is an AWD (all wheel drive) walk behind mower. All-Wheel-Drive provides stability in rough, slippery and wet areas and on slopes. In all turf environments, on pavements and off-road, the effect is maximum traction and superior performance. The machine also makes sure there is minimal damage to the turf. All four self-propelled wheel which is perfect for hills / slopes Fires right up first drag. Runs outstanding and works well. Comes with bag.

Price: $ 300

About the product

Engine: Briggs & Stratton W-26 EXI
Model Number: LC 221A

About the seller

Name: Bernie E. McKey
Phone: 267-423-6951

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