John Deere JS26 Self Propelled Lawn Mower

The Best Of The Best JS26 Self-Propelled Variable Speed Front Drive from John Deere!
The Mow Mentum Drive System adapts to your individual walking pace!
Front-wheel drive has more advantages than rear-wheel drive!
By just tipping back and raising the front, you can easily maneuver and turn!
22 “Perfect Wide Cut-1 Pull Start-Run!
Briggs and Stratton are dependable. There is no need to prime the carburetor bulb!
Engine: 6.75 hp-GVC 190 cc- 1 Pull EZ Start!
Mowing, Mulching, and Side Discharging in Two Ways!
Carburetor replacement-clean oil-sharpened blade-cleaned spark plug-new air filter!
In comparison, new costs $489.00 including tax.
This one will last for many years.

Price: $ 165

About the product

Power: 6.75 hp
Model Number: JS26

About the seller

Name: Randall Andersen
Address: 201 W Lakeview Avenue, Madison
Phone: (608) 219-8916

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