Preowned John Deere 80 Dump Cart for Sale

John Deere’s dump cart model 80 for sale. Great shape, rust in bed just a little surface. These often do not come around in this form. Mulch, yard instruments and lawn supplies are readily transported by the John Deere cart. This cart rapidly transforms for added versatility from a tow dump cart to a push dump cart.

Quality and design of this cart is compatible with your John Deere mower Large pneumatic tyres for excellent flotation, shock absorption and minimal rolling resistance Stability and durability added as the wheels are mounted on a single-piece solid axle.

Price: $ 800

About the product

Model Number: 80 dump cart
Finish: Green
Capacity: 1000 Lb

About the seller

Name: Matthew N. Pendelton
Phone: (405) 590-2588

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