Used John Deere’s 18 cu. ft. steel utility cart trailer

This used 18 cu.ft. John Deere Ft. Steel utility cart is as fast-working and reliable as it comes. There aren’t many loads this cart can’t accommodate, with a load size of 1.650 lbs. The bracket-free tailgate configuration removes side channels that can hinder unloading materials. Recessed big, flat heads should not disturb the shoveling material from the bed. And the steep tailgate angle of 45 degrees and the rapid release dumping action make for fast and full emptying.

1,650 pp. Capacity of load 18 cu. Ft. 1-piece solid undercarriage and contoured bed corners for outstanding performance Universal hook 45 degree dump angle, steel release handle for most riding lawn mowers and lawn tractors.

Price: $ 375

About the product

Capacity: 1,650 lb.

About the seller

Name: William P. Chamblee
Phone: 662-517-9845

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