Greenwoods pro revolt battery lawn mower self-propelled with blower

Greenworks Pro 60Volt Battery Lawn Mower self-propelled with grass catcher in excellent condition. At Home Depot, I purchased a new 60-volt blower, a new battery, and a new charger. I’m fully charged and ready to go.
With a fully charged 2.5 Ah battery, the Greenworks Pro 21-inch self-propelled cordless push lawn mower can run for up to 50 minutes (Battery and Charger INCLUDED)
The battery alone costs $125.00.

The high-efficiency 60-volt brushless motor with push-button start delivers more power, torque, and life without the hassle of gas. Without the battery and charger, the mower alone costs over $350.00 new. Everything is priced at $350.00.

Price: $ 350

About the product

Model Number: Pro 60Volt

About the seller

Name: Bob
Phone: 218-291-8829

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