Gravely Pro-Turn 260 992204 Commercial Zero Turn Mower

In good condition, commercial zero turn mower. Mower is on it for 170 hrs and is well cared for. During the spring clean ups, the new rider was used for dethatching, aerating, seeding and fertilizing as well as for bagging. The machine was fully working and preforming. Personally, I prefer the 260 proturn and believe the cash is the best mower. I had a zthd 60 4 years earlier as it was more capable of my backup mower than I anticipated. You’re going to have a lot more traction and not slip the wheels and ride is going to be a big improvement. The people running 460s are going to say they’re going to go with that series. Most people running 260s are perfectly happy either way you can’t go wrong.

Price: $ 6500

About the product

Engine: Kohler
Power: 26.5 hp
Model Number: 992204 Pro-Turn 260
Hours: 170 Hours

About the seller

Name: Michael C. Korhonen
Phone: (662) 659-0464

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