2014 Walker Model S14 14HP GHS ZTR Mower for Sale

The Model S is an excellent choice for residential lawns due to its unique features. Equipped with Walker’s Grass Handling System® (GHS), including a patented PTO GHS blower and a 7.0 bushel grass catcher, this mower is designed to efficiently handle grass clippings. Its compact design, combined with Walker’s precision steering levers and Forward Speed … Read more

52 inch Walker Commercial Mower MC 18 HP

I have for sale a Walker Commercial Mowing Equipment, Model MC (18 HP Kohler) with GHS System includes attachments – Perf-Aerator, 52 inch Mulching Deck, Selection Deck, Detaching Attachment – $8,500 Full Lawn Care System; Low Hours; Frequent Maintenance and Oil Changes. And all Owners’ Manuals.