Weed Eater WE550N21RH 21″ 4 stroke powered lawn mower for Sale

For sale above is a Weed Eater 21 “4-stroke lawn mower with bag. 3 years old, held inside. Get the reliability of the Tecumse SX4.5 engine. Motor power up powerful. Very light weight, simple to move around. 4.5Hp4-stroke engine utilizes strait gas, no oil mix. I altered the oil. Checked out completely, ready to go.

Discharge, bag or mulch — it’s your ask with 21-inch Weed Eater,3-in-1 mower. Built for a broad spectrum of mowing circumstances, the WE550N21RH is equipped with 5 cutting heights, a back bagger attachment and 5.5 lb-ft gross torque. And having a clean-cut lawn with 12-inch back tires is just a walk through the park.

Price: $ 120

About the product

Engine: Tecumse SX4.5
Power: 4.5 hp
Model Number: WE550N21RH

About the seller

Name: Peter Atwood
Address: 11 Lancaster Avenue near Bowl Road
Phone: 978-256-6778

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