Used Task Force 12-Amp 18 inch cut electric lawn mower

Used 12-Amp 18 inch electric lawn mower cut by Task Force. The electric mower has an outstanding fit and finish, and has been quick to prepare for use. The height adjustment was simple to use, and every level has a healthy, positive engagement. The machine is running smoothly, and working as quietly as my manual reel mower. It was able to pick up and mulch the leaves of live oak off my lawn and hack down the tall grass in my yard.

The Task Force electric mower is built more solidly than many other, with robust parts and easy assembly using sturdy connectors. It did a lovely job with all the heights of grass, was very easy to push and also very silent. It did a much better job than my gas mower and it burned off without the added odor of petrol, not to mention the concern about the spark plug, gas and oil.

Price: $ 40

About the product

Model Number: 25143

About the seller

Name: Lorraine D. Yazzie
Address: 4416 Ramsdell Drive
Phone: (614) 493-1317

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