Used Kubota ZD331 Diesel Zero Turn Mower for Sale

We have a Kubota ZD331 zero turn mower available for purchase. It comes with a 72″ hydraulic commercial deck and is equipped with a 31 hp diesel engine. The mower has been used for 1750 hours and is in excellent condition.

Here are some general features, specifications, and potential pros of the Kubota ZD331:

1. Zero-turn maneuverability: The ZD331 is designed with a zero-turn radius, allowing it to turn on the spot and navigate easily around obstacles.
2. Powerful engine: It is equipped with a diesel engine, which provides reliable and efficient performance.
3. Cutting deck options: The mower offers various cutting deck sizes, typically ranging from 60 to 72 inches, allowing you to choose the best fit for your needs.
4. Ergonomic design: The ZD331 is designed with user comfort in mind, featuring adjustable seating, easy-to-use controls, and a comfortable operating position.

1. Engine: Diesel engine with a horsepower rating of around 31HP.
2. Cutting deck: Typically available in sizes of 60 to 72 inches.
3. Fuel capacity: The fuel tank can hold around 14 to 15 gallons, depending on the specific model.
4. Weight: The ZD331 weighs approximately 1,700 to 1,800 pounds, again depending on the specific configuration.
5. Transmission: Hydrostatic transmission for smooth and precise control.
6. Cutting height: The mower allows you to adjust the cutting height, typically ranging from 1 to 5 inches, depending on the deck size and configuration.

1. Durability: Kubota is known for manufacturing high-quality and durable equipment, and the ZD331 is no exception.
2. Efficiency: The diesel engine provides ample power and fuel efficiency, allowing for longer operating times without frequent refueling.
3. Maneuverability: The zero-turn capability of the ZD331 enables you to easily navigate around obstacles and tight spaces, reducing the need for additional trimming.
4. Comfort: The ergonomic design and adjustable seating make operating the mower more comfortable, especially during extended use.
5. Versatility: With various cutting deck options, the ZD331 can handle different terrain types and grass lengths efficiently.

Price: $ 7500

About the product

Model Number: ZD331
Hours: 1750 Hours

About the seller

Name: Hal Niece
Phone: (501) 593-1111

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