Used John Deere X300 Riding Lawn Mower

Preowned John Deere X300 riding lawn mower has bagger, fresh belt, blades altered around 10 o’clock, 203 o’clock, 17hp Kawasaki engine, 42 “deck, serviced and ready for job. I am a former Deere mechanic and frequently maintained and cleaned this meticulously. I just purchased a zero turn for selling. Seat is torn but priced at $150 for the fresh seat. This is not a unique Home Depot it is a real high-end John Deere mower intended to last years and very useful unlike the product of the Home Depot.

Price: $ 1900

About the product

Engine: Kawasaki
Power: 17 hp
Model Number: X300
Hours: 203 Hours

About the seller

Phone: (720) 530-5031

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