Used Honda HTR-3009 Riding Lawn Mower with Dump Trailer for Sale

Used Honda HTR-3009 Riding Lawn Mower for Sale. The Honda HT-R3009 lawnmower is 59.1 inches long, 42.1 inches wide and 39.4 inches tall. In total, the machine weighs 364 pounds. The mower’s top speed is 4.9 miles per hour in the fifth gear and up to 1.7 miles per hour in the reverse gear. The Honda HT-R3009 could also cut grass with a width of 30 inches for every run. You can raise the height of the blade to cut the lawn to a height of one inch, one and a half inches, two and a half inches, three inches or three and a half inches.

8.5HP GXV270cc engine, 5 fwd. Speed & 1 Reverse
29 “Cut Blade/32” Adjustable Height Deck W / PTO
Drive starter w / newer battery and truck tyres
Owners and Shop Manual
Tilt / Dump Trailer included.

Price: $ 350

About the product

Power: 8.5 hp
Model Number: HTR-3009

About the seller

Name: Paul J. Houston
Phone: (719) 313-8481

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