Used Craftsman LT1000 38-inch deck 6 speed Lawn Mower

For sale is a Craftsman LT1000 Lawn Tractor Mower with a 38-inch deck, powered by a 15.5 HP Briggs engine and equipped with a 6 Gear Transmission.

This compact lawn tractor is in excellent condition and performs exceptionally well in both running and cutting.

Recently, it has undergone a thorough overhaul to ensure optimal performance.

Previously used as a backup mower, it has spent a significant amount of time sitting idle.

Included with the tractor are the original hard-copy owner’s manual and a spare key. Additionally, PDF files of the engine manuals can be provided.

The 38-inch deck is in solid condition with no signs of rust or thin spots. The blades are sharp and well-balanced, and the deck spindles are in good working order.

Powered by a 15.5 HP Briggs engine with a cast iron sleeve, this tractor starts easily and runs smoothly.

To test its capabilities, I recently mowed my own backyard with this tractor and was impressed by its performance. It provided a consistently smooth and even cut.

Please note that this tractor does not come with headlights.

If necessary, it is capable of mowing in reverse.

The seat is in perfect condition without any cracks.

Both belts are in excellent shape, ensuring reliable operation.

The battery is brand new, with a date of 02/2024.

The charging system has been tested and is functioning properly, ensuring the battery remains charged.

The tires have good tread and hold air effectively.

The steering is smooth and responsive, with no excessive play.

The reason for selling this tractor is that I already own two others and no longer have a need for this one.

As part of the recent overhaul, the following maintenance tasks were completed:

– Oil change
– Replacement of the fuel filter, fuel shutoff valve, and air filter
– Removal of engine covers and cleaning of fins
– Thorough cleaning of the carburetor
– Cleaning and gapping of the spark plug
– Touching up of paint. There are some minor marks on the fender where the previous owner had a slight collision with something red.

Price: $ 400

About the product

Power: 15.5 hp
Model Number: LT1000
Serial Number: 917.287010

About the seller

Name: John

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