Raven MPV 7100 46″ Hybrid Riding Lawn mower for Sale

Raven MPV 7100 Hybrid Riding Lawnmower for Sale. Runs Great, No Issues. 7100 Watt Generator Runs Fantastic When Active, Power is Intermittent According to Owners Manual. Deck and drive wheels are electric, so the engine doesn’t have to be running to drive it. Very clean machine. Including all new parts. It starts well, it goes well, it cuts well. Great radius turning. Generator has worked well and is a great feature. According to Consumer Reports, it is a zippy lawnmower, though a mediocre one. It’s a golf cart-like car, running silently on batteries for restricted distances. But to go further you have to acknowledge the generator’s roar. It can go 17 mph under optimal circumstances, but point it uphill and you may slow down to a comparative crawl.

Price: $ 1700

About the product

Model Number: MPV 7100 Hybrid
Hours: 107 Hours
Finish: Red on Black
Capacity: 550 Lbs

About the seller

Name: Joe
Phone: (580) 284-2223

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