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Proven Effective Methods to Sharpen Lawn Mower Blades

Proven Effective Methods to Sharpen Lawn Mower BladesA sharp lawn mower blade eases the burden of cutting grass with minimal to no damage to the grass cutter itself. It’s the reason why sharpening a lawnmower is very important as it provides more than just a well trimmed lawn but also a well-maintained grass cutting equipment. Aside from checking the parts of the equipment, sharpening lawnmower blades is already considered a part of lawnmower equipment maintenance.

Safety First and Foremost

Before making any maintenance check and cleanup of any parts of the lawn mower blade, it’s vital to be ABSOLUTELY sure that the lawnmower will not inadvertently start. Blades can easily cut fingers and other bodily parts. Replacing bad parts of lawnmower is relatively simple but replacing the parts of your body is impossible.

The Importance of a Clean Blade

Although a clean blade may not be as good as a sharp blade, cleaning this vital piece of lawnmower part is still very important. Any rust, mud, grass or any elements that should not be in the blade should be removed. Rust should be removed with steel brush or anything that could do the task. Removing the presence of rust ensures the blade’s optimal condition.

Ideas to Quickly Sharpen Lawn Mower Blades

After removing the blade, a good idea to ensure that it could be sharpened with very minimal effort is to clamp it down in an elevated area. Clamping it would ease the burden of sharpening the blade since you don’t have to move it. Just make sure it’s properly clamped so that it will not move while you work on it.

Clamping the blade is only applicable when you’re trying to sharpen uneven areas of the blade and you don’t have to use the grinder. The ideal tool is the file so that you can work on each angle of the cutting area. It could take time but it effectively sharpens every part of the lawnmower blade. Even with just a file, you already know how to sharpen lawn mower blades at home with very minimal assistance.

How to Sharpen Lawn Mower Blades with a Grinder

If you have a grinder at home, you can easily sharpen riding lawn mower blades and any other types of lawnmower blades on your own. People who sharpen lawnmower blades and other equipments for a living basically use a grinder and you already own one at home. The following tips are also useful for those who want to know how to sharpen lawn mower blades with a bench grinder.

The trick is to simply position the cutting area of the blade in a “T” position against the grinder. Slowly move the cutting blade slowly from left to right. You have to place the blade in a correct angle so that you concentrate only on the cutting parts. It’s a slow but very simple process of blade sharpening.

Aside from ensuring a sharp blade for the lawnmower, it’s also important that the blade is evenly balanced. An unbalanced blade could destroy the lawnmower and could even remove itself from the equipment. Before reattaching the blade, check its balance with the use of lawnmower blade balancer. You could purchase the blade balancer from your favorite hardware store.

More Information Online

There are hundreds of “how to” videos you can find online. Simply search for “how to sharpen lawn mower blades video” and you get more tips on how to sharpen lawn mower blades with a file and how to sharpen lawn mower blades Dremel lawnmower sharpener. You could even find tips on how to sharpen lawn mower blades without removing it. These are very helpful sources that could improve the quality of your blade and maintain your lawnmower.